Daily Kennedy Media Services

I am offering services for backlinks and freelance blog articles for businesses and websites. I will be accepting payment through Venmo and Paypal. If you are interested or have any questions or concerns please email me at kennedy@dailykennedy.com

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Sponsor a Post 

Backlinks are one of the best ways to help your online rankings. Adding links to other people's websites help Google, and other search engines, to recognize and legitimize your website. This helps you rank higher on their sites, in turn creating more business and reach for you!

I want to help other people grow their businesses and websites just as much as I want to grow my own. So I am offering sponsored posts featuring backlinks to your site via Venmo or Paypal. I will feature your site/business, write small 2-3 sentence description of it, and add a back link at the beginning or end of my most recent blog post. My website is attracting around a reach around 500. 

This will not only allow you to add backlinks to your site, but also advertise to readers that you may not have otherwise reached. 


$5 to be posted on a dailykennedy.com blog
$7 to be posted on an origamihandcannon.com blog
$10 to be posted on both

If you are interested or have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at kennedy@dailykennedy.com

Freelance Blog Post 

Blog posts using keywords is incredibly helpful in boosting your SEO. Keywords, relevant news stories, and more content in general, is crucial to the process of increasing your sites  visibility using Google's intensive and ever changing algorithm. I am a writer with an English Literature BA from the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. I also specialize in social media marketing and building SEO for small businesses. I currently work for Origami Handcannon providing them with new daily content and have increased their overall social media traffic by 179% in less than two months and have shown a steady increase in reach while also trending upwards as well. I pride myself in being able to research and understand topics relevant to your business before creating content that will boost your online presence. Or you can read my blog posts here to check out my writing style and preference. 

I will write a 250-300 word blog post to add to your site using key words that will help to add relevancy to your site. I will write a blog post that is relevant to your business and current news to allow Google to pick you up as best as it can. 

I will also add a backlink to my own sites (dailykennedy.com and origamihandcannon.com) in a small bio that will be added to the bottom of the post. 


$40 a post or $100 for 3 posts

If you are interested or have any questions, comments, or concerns please email me at kennedy@dailykennedy.com

Instagram Bio Revamp

Instagram bios are incredibly important to the success of your business via Instagram. I will rewrite your Instagram bio to fit your business and offer 5 personalized tips and tricks to amp up your Instagram game.


$50 per Instagram account

Three Service Set Up

For $250 I will help you set up your Instagram, Facebook, and website and give you a basic pamphlet for continuing your content. 

For an extra $50 I can create 2 posts per service to get you started, as well as give an example of what you would want to continue doing with your content. 

Photography Sessions

I will take photos of your business and edit them so they are ready to post. I am also open to doing family photos or personal photoshoots. See my Instagram (@kennedyyyrosee) to see some of my photography work. 

Pricing varies. 


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