David Arnold's Mosquitoland: A Raving Review

HELLO and WELCOME BACK to da blog. It's only been like four years, but I'm back to write a review about this freakin' awesome book I just read. I need to tell someone about it, so here's a short little review about David Arnold's Mosquitoland.
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this cover is though. I love these colors so much.
My dude, if you're reading this, you are phenomenal. Very similar to that of Jxhn Green in writing style but ONLY A MILLION TIMES BETTER. 

I'm going to be perfectly honest here, David (and break all lit rules by addressing you by your first name instead of your last from here on out), I bought your book not expecting to ever read it. It was an impulse buy. I liked the colors on the cover. It was $5.97. I'm not saying I judged your book by it's cover, because I did, but I'm just saying I might have only bought it as a placeholder on my bookshelf because of the colors.

Tonight, something pulled me towards it. I knew I wanted to read something, but I wasn't sure what. As I went through my stack of novels I had purchased but not read, those muted greens and oranges caught my attention, yet again. As I sifted through the Jane Austen novels waiting to be read, made awkward eye contact with The Jungle sitting patiently in the corner, I decided that for the first time in over three years I was going to read something for fun. *Don't get me wrong, all reading is fun. I love it. However, I wanted to read something and not analyze it.* Mosquitoland was in my chubby Monster Hands™️, yet again.

I opened it; examined a little deeper. I'll just read the first page, I told myself. Maybe a chapter or two. If I like it. Maybe read some more tomorrow...

So, I'd like to note that I clocked the book in only four and a half hours because I was so enthralled that I literally  c o u l d  n o t  s t o p. And now, here I am twenty minutes after finishing the novel having already written an Instagram post about the book, writing a blog post about it. 

Just wow. The absolute creation and masterpiece that this novel is, is astonishing. The way that this novel handles mental illness, family issues (divorce, foster care, and lack of family), AND disabilities all in one go is something Green wishes he could do (don't @ me - I am a huge Green fan). I will mention, without spoiling too much, there are some rape triggers. Arnold (I take it back, I can't call you David) did a fantastic job with conveying how rape victims can feel, especially those that don't report. This novel just covers SO MANY interesting topics and feelings and situations. Just please read this book. That's all I can say. And I'll say it a million times. For a book I didn't plan on ever reading, I am absolutely floored by this man's writing ability and the topics he conquered with so much grace. A lot of writers throw topics like rape and substance abuse in your face and make you feel uncomfortable. Yes, it is an uncomfortable subject, but Arnold does it in a way that feels real. Like you're living it. There's no blinking neon signs going "SUBSTANCE ABUSE", but instead it is sprinkled in perfectly to make it meaningful and almost makes it stand out more. 

An author who was unknown to me, has become a true writing idol and I most absolutely plan on reading his other works and finding him a place on the eye level shelf of my book shelf (aka: the most important books in my life). I am so glad I picked this up. I cannot wait to start reading again and introducing myself to new authors. 

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. I cannot even begin to tell you guys all the things I want to share about this novel. I need you all to read it so we can have an in depth conversation about Walt, Shadow Kid, and Poncho Man. I went through all five stages of grief in about 10 minutes about 1/3 of the way into the novel. I am just absolutely floored by the way this book is written. The eloquence of Arnold's writing, not to mention that he is hilarious. Mim, our Heroine, is a character everyone can relate to. She is quirky, witty, and down right adorable. And with Beck and Walt by her side, she is unstoppable. A true Heroine of modern proportions and should be ranked among the likes of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Eleanor of Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor and Park

This book has re-inspired my adoration for reading and writing. I only hope my first novel will be as inspiring as his has been to me. I have stacked up novels I plan to read over the course of the next few days, as we are in quarantine after all. I sincerely urge you, especially if you are of the young adult sorts, to go find this book and read it. If you cannot find it because of quarantine or whatever, I will personally send you pictures of all 400 pages because that is how sincere I am when I say I want you to read this book. 

Someone please get back to me so we can talk about this book. I NEED TO TALK ABOUT BECK

So, yeah. I hope that inspires you all to get reading this quarantine season. We can only scroll through our phones for so long. Even if you don't read Mosquitoland, though I hope you do, please read something. It's good for the soul. 



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