Lightroom Presets

BIG NEWS: I've put my first Lightroom Preset up on Etsy. I plan on making more and hopefully putting them up in the next couple of months. 

If you would like to purchase them, click here!! I want to make them super affordable and easy to use. If you're like me, you love taking pictures, but didn't really understand how to edit them. That was the boat I was in for a long time. I was using Lightroom, but I obviously wasn't using it right. The auto buttons were not doing what I wanted and I didn't understand what all of the other things meant. So, I am excited to share these with you and help us make our photos look better together.

This preset is called Warm Tones and I basically use it on all of my pictures. It works great with skin tones, blue skies, sunsets, anything that has any type of warm tone in it already. It enhances those oranges, pinks, and yellows, making every picture feel like a warm summer day. 

The preset comes with grain, which I also like to add to my pictures to make them look flatter and almost like paintings. 

I plan on creating some more in the near future, and hope to share them with everyone and make life a million times easier. 


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