Introverts Need Alone Time, Too

I have been stuck in a rut, yet again, but this time worse. I have felt myself being cranky, sad, and uncontrollably upset for no real reason. I had no idea why this was happening to me and I couldn't stop it either. I could feel myself becoming more and more sad and unhappy every day, but no matter what I did, it wouldn't stop.

I was crying because I couldn't find matching socks (which is something I am never concerned about), because someone would look at me the wrong way, because there was too much background noise at work. Random things that have never really upset me before were suddenly nearly bringing me to tears and I couldn't figure out why. I am generally a low maintenance, go with the flow kind of person. Suddenly all of these things were bothering me and it was very unclear as to why

Then, I had a day off yesterday. The first complete day off in about two weeks. And by that, I mean no parties, no concerts, no holidays, no friends around. Just me. I spent half the day at my favorite coffee shop with my best friend. We sat in silence. I worked on some DKM stuff while he did school work. I was able to relax, scroll through Pinterest for a while, scroll through Tumblr for a while, it was so peaceful. I didn't have anywhere to be, anyone to meet, it was just me, my thoughts, and my music (and William). 

After about five hours at Dunkin, I went home and was able to be alone for about an hour and a half, which further helped me feel so much better. I did some laundry (and folded it all in the same day!!!), ate dinner, watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and overall had a very quiet night.

Today, I woke up feeling inspired, ready to write and full of energy. Of course, that rut that I was in is still lingering, but not nearly like it was before yesterday. I cannot believe how much just one day of being to myself and focusing on me changed my entire perspective and mood. 

I am a very introverted person, obviously. So, if you are an introvert like myself, make sure that you are taking a break from being a social butterfly, going to concerts, and working too much. Give yourself a day to recuperate from all of that. It will just make you moody and no fun to be around, as I've learned from experience. Spend a day alone in your favorite coffee shop, listen to music, write, read, do whatever it is that makes you feel happiest. Because that is what makes me happiest. 

I am trying to live my best life, and go out with friends as often as I can while I am still young, but as it turns out, it is better for my sanity to take a break every once in a while. There is just something about being alone that makes me feel more comfortable and "recharges" me, in a sense. 

I know there are a lot of people who are very introverted, and I wanted to share my experience with those people. Be aware of what you're doing and how much time you are spending alone and how much time you are spending with others. 

For myself in particular, I enjoy being in public spaces, but I like to be in them alone. On the flip side, I do not like being home alone. I very much would rather be out and go shopping alone, go to a restaurant alone, and whatever else. I am sociable in those situations when need be, but I would much rather be alone doing those things. Being home makes me feel sad and antisocial. 

Depending on what kind of introvert you are, make sure you are allotting time to do those things that make you feel whole again. Our mental health is very important to our overall mood and outlook on life, especially us introverts who need to take time for ourselves regularly. 

Take care of your soul and your body will thank you! My stress levels have significantly decreased and I am feeling a million times more confident in myself, in life, and in my work. 

Let me know if you are an introvert or extrovert, and what activity soothes your soul. 
Talk soon!!


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