GUEST POST: Enneagrams and Their Importance

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren and I am the creative mind behind And Coffee Blog! I am so
excited to be guest blogging for Kennedy here at Daily Kennedy and can’t wait to share a little more
about myself and The Enneagram. 

As I mentioned my name is Lauren and I’m the creative mind behind And Coffee Blog. Currently my
website is being built behind the scenes but you can get connected with me on Instagram, Facebook,
and Pinterest all under the username @andcoffeeblog. I am a newly wed wife trying navigate newly
wed life! My husband, Miguel, and I live in his hometown near Palm Springs, California. We got
married in June 2019 in an elopement style ceremony in the middle of the desert gardens, and it was
utter perfection! We are super goofy people but take our coffee incredibly seriously. A week after we
got married, a good friend of mine mentioned this personality test called the Enneagram. (Cue rabbit
hole.) I spent the first three months of my marriage learning as much as I possibly could about the
Enneagram. Let me tell you friends, the Enneagram has transformed my life and my relationship. 

The Enneagram, pronounced Enn-EE-ah-gram, is a personality assessment tool dated back to
ancient Greece. The Enneagram breaks down personalities into nine different world views or “Types.”
There are subtypes/mixes called “Wings.” For simplicity's sake today I’ll focus on the main nine types.
The Enneagram, unlike other personality tests, focuses on each person's motivations. Meaning, being
social or antisocial or introverted or extroverted, has nothing to do with the nine types of the
enneagram. A friend of mine who uses the Enneagram professionally says it best, “The Enneagram
doesn’t care about your social abilities or comfort levels, it only cares about what motivates you.” 

Now for a soft introduction into each type. I am going to give the numbers and the “names” that my
favorite podcast, “The Road Back to You,” calls them. There is no particular order for these types, no
number is better than another, they numbered simply to keep track of the various types. The names
I’m giving are simply a soft introduction into the types and to give you a better idea of what each type
is about.

The Nine Enneagram Types

Type 1 or The Moral Perfectionist
Type 2 or The Helper
Type 3 or The Achiever 
Type 4 or The Romantic
Type 5 or The Observer 
Type 6 or The Loyalist
Type 7 or The Entertainer
Type 8 or The Confrontationalist 
Type 9 or The Peacemaker 

There is far more to each type, the Wings, and core values that we don’t have time to get into today.
But I do want to share how the Enneagram has influenced myself and my relationship. When I learned
about the Enneagram I took a few free exams and all of them came back with the same result, Type 2.
The Helper. Instantly I didn’t want this type but I knew it was correct. The Helper is motivated by
acceptance and belonging. We fear not belonging with those around us, and crave ultimate
acceptance from those closest to us. I learned so much about myself in such a fluid way, it felt like this
test was speaking directly to me. I began studying my type in depth, learning as much as I could, and
as a result I became a much healthier person. Stress, anxieties, and worries that I didn’t know I was
holding onto suddenly melted away. 

Then, I began studying my husbands type, Type 3 the Achiever. Miguel’s motivations is based on
being capable, that he is competent, strong, and smart enough to do anything and everything. As
I learned what motivated him, so much of his personality began to make sense. I began listening to
him differently, asking different questions, and understanding that he needs certain things to process
anything. I began providing that for him, and he did the same for me and my needs, and our
relationship flourished. 

It’s been six months of marriage and six months of continuous study of the Enneagram, I can say with
confidence that the Enneagram has helped us grow in ways we couldn’t imagine. If you’re curious I
highly suggest you look into it! Please feel free to ask me questions on my Instagram, @andcoffeeblog

And remember, 

There’s always room for coffee. 

  • Lauren


  1. Thank you so much Kennedy for allowing my to post! I am so excited to be sharing about the Enneagram. It's been a wonderful relationship tool I've been able to use in my marriage, in my friendships, and even at work. It's safe to say I'm a huge fan of the Enneagram!

  2. That's awesome. I've never really heard of it. Now it's got my curiosity up as to where I am.

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