Being Introverted and Maintaining a Busy Life

I work six days a week. Two days a week I work ten hour serving shifts. My day off is usually spent running errands or doing extra work (like writing blog posts). 

I have very limited amount of time to myself. I am a severely introverted human being, along with having social anxiety. But I think I mostly deal with sensory overload after a while, which is probably more related to being as introverted as I am as opposed to anxiety. Well, if we're being honest, it's probably a mixture of both. 

Anyway, I wanted to share the things that I do when I feel a sensory overload. The worst day for me is typically the end of Sunday to the beginning of Monday. This is when I have been serving for two days straight, until about midnight Sunday night, only to wake up early Monday morning and go to Origami. It is really hard to not have a break from being around people and loud music and football games all weekend. I love my alone time and cherish my Sunday night/early Monday morning routine. I love to just take some time, journal, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Every night after work, except maybe Saturday nights, I love to spend them alone and in my thoughts and watching How I Met Your Mother (which I've never seen before, please someone talk to me about it - I'm on season 3). I love to journal, empty my thoughts, anxieties, and everything else in my life. Writing, whether for blog posts or just in my journal, is the best way for me to unwind. 

For introverts, I think that it is the best. Utilizing every alone moment one can muster. Whether it's completely alone, in a restaurant alone, listening to music, enjoying silence. The best advice I can offer anyone who is typically on the introverted side and has been feeling run down lately, find some alone time. Utilize your down time to make it work for you and your needs. 

Reading and escaping the world and your problems is easy and completely reinvigorating. It makes life much easier to handle as an introvert working full time around people. Baths are good for me as well. I recommend trying all of your favorite activities that involve being alone. 

we took these pictures for work and we are never going to use them so.... enjoy. 
When life is difficult and you sometimes feel like you are easily overwhelmed by the things going on around you, make sure you take time to realize what helps make you feel brand new again. This is especially important for your busiest weeks, your craziest nights, and the one day nothing seems to go right. 

If you are also an introvert, please let me know what you like to do when you are feeling overwhelmed by people. I get incredibly cranky and depressed if I am around people for too long without breaks. And for me, sleeping doesn't count as breaks, I need actual breaks from people to do my own thing. One of my last posts goes deeper into my issues with being introverted, so this is just going a little more into that. 


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