My Top 5 Favorite Highlighters

Highlight is my most favorite thing in the whole wide world, and I have found some of the best highlighters for every situation and every mood. Some are pricier but some are also on the cheaper end of the spectrum. I also included a palette that will suit most skin tones. Please consider that I am incredibly fair skinned and these are highlights that best suit my skin tone. 

Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb in How Many Carats?! - $38

This highlighter is the most beautiful thing to bless the beauty community. Rihanna is just absolutely killing the game with her brands, making things that look beautiful on everyone and are completely inclusive. Rihanna absolutely set the standards for beauty brands. Being as pale as I am, I have had the struggle of not being able to find a foundation that matches my skin tone, and my struggle does not even compare to that of WOC.

This highlight is so gorgeous! It is basically straight silver glitter and I believe she made one that is gold glitter as well. For my skin tone, I happen to prefer silver glitter but to be honest, it's really whichever tickles your pickle because both to die for. It legit looks like you are wet and beautiful. It is very high glam, very luxurious, not something you would wear everyday. I also like to use it as eye shadow from time to time.  

It is, however, slightly pricey coming in at $38 on Sephora's website. I saw it as a collector's item and as something that I really wanted in my collection, so I was able to put aside some money and splurge on it. 

Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money - $8

Colourpop is great for low prices and high quality. The Super Shock Shadows are insane. Flexitarian is also a great shade if you want something that is blinding. If you're feeling like just highlighting those gorgeous cheek bones, Lunch Money is my go to for a minimal make up look. It doesn't matter whether it is day or night, the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighters deliver maximum beauty for a minimal budget. I really like the way the formula works and the Super Shock Shadows and Highlighters kill the game. They are the most interesting formula out there, by far. 

They are like putty and almost creamy feeling, making it really easy to apply with just your fingers or even a dry sponge if you don't feel like wetting your sponge.

Colourpop Strobe Globe in Luster Dust

::Preface::I'm trying to find a price on these right now, but it looks like they might have been discontinued... I will continue to look into it.

However, if you can find them, pick one up. They are crazy good and last literally all day. If you check out my Instagram story highlights, you can see what this one looks like after a 10 hour serving shift, and it is insane. I love to wear this to work because it is quite blinding and really shows up, and by the end of the night it is more subtle and worn in, but it still is very much visible. 

Basically, anything by Colourpop kills the game and I fully support them for being cheap and high quality. It is nice to know that you don't have to break the bank even just buying some drugstore products anymore. A lot of drugstore products have dramatically risen in price, even just from when I was beginning to find an interest in make up like four or five years ago, to now. 

Cover FX Enhancer Drops Liquid Highlight in Moonlight - $42

These liquid drops are insane. I got a little sample bottle of this from a friend that works at Ulta and they changed my life. I brought them to England with me and wore it every single day. You can sheer it out enough to make it look nice for no-make-up days, but it also looks stunning with a full face of make up, not sheered out at all. 

I really love this, but I am not a fan of the price point, which is why I have not bought any other colors. I did buy a pink-ish color when they were half off during the 21 days of beauty that I really liked. 

I did, however, try one of the dupes for it from Make Up Revolution, but it just doesn't compare. It isn't as nice and malleable as the Cover FX ones. I will say, make sure you do one side of your face before doing the other, as in don't let it sit for too long before blending because it does dry quite quickly. 

Wet N' Wild Loose Highlighting Powder in I'm So Lit - $5.99

Another high quality for cheap, is Wet N' Wild. They are also **Cruelty Free**, which is always a bonus. I was using the Colourpop Loose Highlight religiously, but this has taken up that spot as being brighter, a million times more beautiful, and much shinier, as you can see in the picture. This one also comes with over double the amount that is in the Colourpop one, so it's going to last you such a long time. I've yet to finish a highlight in my three years of wearing highlight every day. 

I will probably begin wearing this one to work everyday, to be honest. If it can last like the Colourpop one does, it will definitely be taking it's spot. 

Bonus: The Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Highlight Palette

I'm not sure this is still even available, but I really felt the need to include it because it completely changed the highlight game for me. 
This palette. Has my heart. I have used this non-stop as eye shadows, highlight, on my body, everywhere. It is stunning and works well on both lighter skin tones and darker ones. I've been able to use the darker shades as eye shadows, which is really nice. I found that they work wonderfully in the inner corners as well and they don't come off very well, unless actually wiped or washed off.

From elbow to Wrist: Glo Getter from the ABH palette,
Fenty's How Many Carats?!, Colourpop Loose Highlighter,
Colourpop Super Shock, Cover FX Enhancing Drops,
Wet N' Wild Loose Highlighter.
Set these with a setting spray and you are unstoppable. These last and fade really nicely, as well. 

These are all beautiful products and I love them all very much. What is your opinion? Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite highlighters???


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