THIS SH*T IS HARD: Weight Loss Update

This sh*t is hard. 

I am back up to my start weight (actually a little higher) when I was beginning my weight loss journey. I've recently made a group of friends that I've been consistently hanging out with and I've run into a bit of a conundrum: drinking. 

My friends and I love to meet up and just drink and play drinking games and things like that. I have no problem with the drinking per say, even though I'm sure it has contributed to some weight gain. But, that isn't what bothers me. It's fine until someone mentions food. I think this is where I am gaining most of my weight. Not the drinking, because I am pretty good about watching what I drink, but it's the food I stuff down my throat the moment someone says anything about getting food. 

I don't want to be the boring person who doesn't drink at all when everyone gets together, I already don't drink that much and am always one of the most sober people there because of wanting to watch my weight, and having the furthest drive home of all my friends. 

Granted, I would like to stop drinking almost all together. I have been listening to Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson's podcast, Approachable, and they talked about something in the first episode called Alcohol Use Disorder, which is different from alcoholism, and it's something that has concerned me since learning about it. I don't think I have it, but it is definitely something that could become a problem later.

So, what Alcohol Use Disorder is, from how Alyssa describes it (from my understanding), is when you are not dependent on alcohol, but once you have that first drink, you don't want to stop drinking. I think I slightly feel like this, because once I start having fun and start drinking I immediately want to get as drunk as possible. However, on the flip of that, once I start feeling drunk (that dizzy, stomach ache feeling), I stop, which is usually about three drinks in for me.

So I don't necessarily have a problem yet, I just like to have a good time with my friends, I just don't want anything to escalate into a problem that I cannot control. When I am not out with my friends I do not get the urge to drink, I don't want to drink excessively unless I am around my friends. 

I really enjoy spending time with them and being around them, I just do not know how to say no to drinking. Not because I fear they will judge me for not, but because I spent my whole life being that person who didn't drink and didn't do anything and I was always the one that had the least amount of fun because I was trying to be responsible. It's not hard for me to not drink, I just don't want to become reliant on it and cause a problem that doesn't need to be there.

Also weight gain.

I've begun to track my weight again and re-downloaded the Under Armor My Fitness Pal app from the App Store and I am going to try to be very strict with myself, yet again, in an attempt to lose 12 pounds. I don't really have a goal on when I'd like to lose the weight by, which is another problem with trying to do this. I would like to get it done by October, but who knows what will happen. 

I am trying to work out as well, which is hard for me. But, I feel like working out just makes me hungry and then I eat more, further making working out pointless. 

If someone could just speed up my metabolism for me that would be greaatt. Thanks in advance. 

If you guys are interested in trying to lose weight with me, download the app and let me know what your progress looks like. Let's keep each other accountable and make something good happen. Life is too short. 


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