New Platform?

My boss has recently mentioned that he wants to start streaming on Twitch and I've been thinking about joining him. I have never been very good at video games, mostly because I was not really allowed to play them as a kid. I have never really played anything before, to be honest. I would occasionally play Call of Duty when I went to my friend's house after school sometimes, but never enough to actually get good at the game.

Would anyone want to donate $300 to a good cause and help me get set up with an Xbox and some games?

I have streamed in the past, but we didn't actually play video games. My old roommate and I used to cook food and play other games in front of the camera. We ended up making some really good money but we lost the time and energy required to stream. Especially because we weren't actually playing video games and ended up getting hit pretty bad by mods for it. We had a pretty good set up going and we met some really cool people, so I would really like to pick it up again and maybe start making some extra income from that. 

I'm usually up pretty late anyway, so I don't see why I wouldn't do it once or twice a week to try and make some extra money and grow as a gamer. I have minimal experience with video games, so I think that would probably make for some really good content, considering I will have no idea what I'm doing for the first couple of months. 

I've always had an interest in gaming, but I was never really allowed to in my house growing up. We had a Wii, but our game selection included Mario Kart, Just Dance, and Wii Sports. And that was about it. 

I already have made a Twitch channel, which you can find here. I haven't bought an Xbox or anything yet, but I plan to hopefully in the next couple of weeks. 

This would honestly be a part of my dream to work from home and work for myself. I cannot see myself having a normal job. I get bored too easily and I absolutely love being online and growing myself as a brand. I think that doing this would be a great way for me to gain exposure and, potentially, even clients. 

My dream would be to make all of my income from Instagram sponsorships and things of that nature, but I always enjoyed streaming with my roommate. It's not as formal as a Youtube channel, but still gets you used to seeing yourself on camera and is good for my confidence, in my opinion.

My boss, who also wants to start streaming, would be able to stream with me at night and between the two of us, I think we could build some sort of a following. I think we just need to find the right platform and what works best with our personality types and who we can attract best. 

If you have any tips and tricks when it comes to streaming, please let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts and what I can do to get started!
Please check out my channel! Until I get an Xbox, I might start streaming Sims 4 because I already have it on my computer, just so I can get the hang of things before making my big xbox debut, lol. 

Look for me in the next week or so! I have to order some things to get me started, but after that I should be good to go! To be continued....



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