My Favorite Dry Shampoo

Hey, it's me again!

I have a really cool product I want to share with you!

Two Goats Apothecary is a 100% All-Natural Dry Shampoo company that focuses on farm-to-spa, all natural products. They are working on dry shampoo right now and are currently working on getting their name out there and having people try their products. I've been using the dry shampoo for a while and it works wonders. 

All photo credits to the original photographer
Taken from the Two Goats Apothecary website

The problem with most dry shampoos is that they are aerosols. Aerosols are horrible for the environment and for your hair. They are also not natural, making them further damaging to your hair. 

The benefits to using an all natural powder dry shampoo are endless and the best thing about Two Goats Apothecary are that they are goal oriented and focus on the mission to save our planet. With their herd of goats, Vlad and Glockma, they are ready to take on this mission and create less harmful products for both our bodies and the earth. 

I am going to continue using their products, because I love what they stand for and their goals with their company. Give them a follow and like on social media and check out their apparel and grab a tin of dry shampoo. You can even customize your scent and pick a color that matches your hair to avoid that white tint that always hangs behind with other dry shampoos! 

Their Facebook and Instagram are linked here. 


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