Burnt Out

I've been feeling burnt out the past two weeks. School has started yet again and I continue my dream of being a life-long student, but it cuts into a large chunk of my day and tires me out before I head to work for another four and a half hours. 

I've recently been working six days a week and trying to maintain a social life on top of that for the past three months, which has been easy enough, but now that school has started I feel like I'm exhausted all the time. Adulting is hard and I do not recommend it in any way, shape, or form. I cannot even find time or motivation to write these posts, which is honestly my favorite thing to do. I wish I could work on a better schedule and have about 17 more hours in the day. 

I need to learn to reschedule my life to fit my work goals and dreams. I really want to make DKM a sufficient income and part of my life, but it seems like I cannot do that until I learn to prioritize my free time. I also consider my weekends completely off limits when it comes to doing business, because my serving job takes up so much of my energy. 

I would like to start working on marketing myself better in the world of small, local businesses, but my job does not really allow time for that, so if you know anyone looking to work on their website or start up their social media for their business, let me know. 

Life works in strange ways when it comes to success and where you find it. I have never been able to cope with the idea of working an office job for the rest of my life. A basic 9-5 just wasn't going to cut it. I really hope that this business venture works out for me in the long haul because I just don't see myself ever working for someone else. I think it would be agonizingly painful. 

I think serving has shown me that in order to make money, you have to be able to work for yourself and if you put in the effort, the money will come. Be a great server and that pays off immediately with your tip money at the end of the night, but the same comes with being a mediocre server who complains the whole time and maybe doesn't check on their tables after the food comes out, or refill drinks. It's a bit of a stupid metaphor, but I think it makes sense. That is the kind of life I want to lead, one where I can put in more effort and make extra money. 

I'm highkey running out of pictures of myself, who wants to go do a photoshoot?!

Working an office job where seventeen people are doing the same job as me and getting paid the same amount as me just doesn't feel fulfilling or something that I'd put all of my effort into. How do you all stay motivated and feel successful and fulfilled in your job and life, in general. 


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