The Seven Most Important Things to Bring to a Theme Park

Living in Florida, I go to Disney and Universal... como se dice.... a lot *insert any picture from my Instagram here and it will probably be in one of the parks*. Like this one.

I was spoiled as a child and grew up with annual passes to Disney, and we were constantly staying in hotels and exploring the area. It was to the point where I knew how to get around Orlando better than my actual hometown. Disney is a very nostalgic place for me, but my sister and I have also created so many new memories there and every time we go, it is always a new adventure. 

Universal is similar in the sense that I have many fond memories of growing up around the park, but more so in the later years of my life. We were not fans of Harry Potter until my late high school years, so we never really had a reason to go to Universal. However, now it is as equally a favorite as Disney and we spend a lot of our time daydreaming about the parks or posting pictures saying how much we miss the parks.

The hardest thing about going to one of these parks, is packing a bag. 
If you are going to Universal, I recommend bringing a smaller, flatter back pack, as you are required to use their free lockers if you want to ride a ride. Disney is not this way, and will let you take all of your personal items on any ride. Universal, however, has more intense rollercoasters *re: the Hulk* and makes you store your things in a locker, understandably so. 

So, you're super excited for your trip and you don't even know what to bring with you to the park... Here are seven things my sister and I always make sure we pack before we leave for the park. 

1. If you are an absolute camera nerd like me, iPhone pictures just won't cut it. I always bring my camera because it is totally worth it. I think having high quality pictures and being able to edit them from home on my computer is just worth waiting for. If you have a nice camera, you are definitely going to want to bring it. 

2. Water bottles and snacks are essential to the day running smoothly and your bank account staying somewhat in the positive end. Both Disney and Universal can quickly add up when you start eating all day long. A water bottle at Disney costs $3, just to put that into perspective. Harley and I are not big soda drinkers, but we will usually grab a soda or a coffee throughout the day, so two water bottles a piece are typically enough for us. However, that number might change depending on your water:soda intake ratio, ya know. 

Snacks are also important. Of course, part of the fun of Disney is eating in the cool themed restaurants, but save one meal a day for that. Your bank account will thank you. This also saves you time in the long run, because you can snack on your PB&Js and Goldfish while waiting in line for the attractions. It's a win-win situation. 

3. Trust me, you are going to want to bring your phone charger, your portable charger, and your wall charger to your portable charger to post the entire day on your Instagram story. I also like to edit my pictures before I post them on my IG stories, which can also take up a TON of battery. So, Harley and I will bring portable chargers, our wall chargers, and the charger to the portable battery. When we spot an outlet, we take time to charge up and relax before moving on to the next ride or meet and greet. 

The Florida sun is brutal and if you do not stay hydrated, I can guarantee you will end up with a headache. Or maybe a ride is too rough for you and gives you a headache. Or maybe your feet start to hurt. Pop an ibuprofen and move on. There isn't time for pain and aches. 

5. If you're anything like me and a severe introvert, bringing headphones will be the greatest gift you can give your future self. While waiting in line for rides, a lot of the time the noise of a million voices talking can be overwhelming. Giving yourself time to yourself through the day to recuperate and listen to your favorite music is the best way to stay energized and in a good mood. 

6 and 7 are probably the most important of all. Mostly for the sake of everyone around you and your future self. PLEASE bring deodorant. PLEASE use the deodorant over the course of the day. Trust me, you do not smell great. One application in the morning just is not enough. The Florida heat is intense. Please, for the sake of everyone in line behind you for upwards of two hours, use deodorant. 

Also, speaking of the Florida heat, the sun can be intense. Number seven on my list is sunscreen. Especially if you're pale and pasty like me, bring sunscreen. When you reapply your deodorant, make sure you reapply your sunscreen. Especially the shoulders, nose, and forehead. I've experienced this one too many times to make sure I always bring my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It has a 20 SPF and does an awesome job keeping my face safe from the sun, but also making me look like a soft and beautiful creature for my pictures with Mickey Mouse (or Captain America). 

I hope this helped. Tag me in any of your Disney or Universal pictures so I can see and we can share photo spots and other great things to do at the parks!!! Comment below if you like posts like this and if I should continue writing Orlando posts!


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