We all know that I've been trying to get my weight in control and managed for the longest time without working out every day and strictly managing my diet. Well, this hasn't gone over so well recently. 

In my house, we have a scale in both bathrooms. This means I can weigh myself every night before I get in the shower. Which is exactly what I do. I mentally track my weight every day and use that to encourage healthy eating. 

However, one of our scales broke. So, my mom took the one out of my bathroom and put it in hers. My mom is also a personal trainer, so she takes it with her to work. This means a lot of time I cannot find the scale anymore.

For the past week I have not weighed myself. I have not be able to find the scale at night to weigh myself and I am in too much of a rush in the morning to look for it. This is what has happened in a week. 

1. I felt a lot more confident in my clothing choices. I felt like I was skinny and that my stomach looked flat, so it made me feel better. I felt cute and snatched and skinny every day this week.

2. I ate like crap. Without my weight in the back of my mind, I was eating McDonald's, Chipotle, donuts, and about 14 meals a day. 
I still felt cute, even though I was eating like crap and fast food every other day. I was drinking copious amounts of alcohol (for my normal drinking habits) and overall just living like crap.

I felt fine, but I did recently notice that my face was beginning to look very swollen and chubby. I took it upon myself to go check myself on the scale yesterday, and noticed that I am nearly back up to my starting weight of 128 pounds. This was slightly disheartening and made me really want to get my crap together again. 

It was quite interesting to see how much knowing my physical weight can affect my confidence and how I feel about life. I think that it is better for my personal weight loss goals to continue weighing myself, but perhaps not as often. 

As someone who really, really loves food, I need to learn to constrain myself from fast food and especially foods high in sodium. I am also an avid snacker, which is something that I've really noticed a couple days ago when I ate three donuts, two avocados, three slices of pizza, two McDouble's and a medium fry. All in one day. So, if anything, I need to find healthier snacks and something that I can snack on while I'm at work because mindless eating is one of my favorite things to do. 

I need to work on getting all of that figured out here shortly because if I gain anymore weight, I will be in trouble. So, wish me luck on my future endeavors. 

Talk soon, 


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