Happy New School Year Rant

Yes, I am going back to school again. You can judge me all you want. 
I am already regretting it though. I have chosen to go back to school for graphic design and I am already slightly regretting it. I think that the course is not going to be worth my time and that I will probably learn more on my own just through trial and error, but it's only the first day, so I guess we'll see. It will be nice to have a proper introduction to Adobe and how to actually use the things I am working on for work, but I still don't know if I will be coming back for another semester already.

I am usually very optimistic about work and school and keeping busy. But, there is just something about SCF that is just not it for me. I think that the professors do not take their job as seriously as they should and that the classes are very "high school" if that makes sense, as opposed to college courses. I think that the school is great for first time college students, but I just do not think it is a good fit for me. I wish it was and that I could use that to my advantage since it is cheap schooling and it is something that is good for most people. Plenty of people I know love SCF and everything it is and does and provides.

Have you gone to a community college? What was that experience like for you? Did you enjoy it? 

I don't mean to bash the school and name drop it like that, but I think it is really important for people to know and see other people's opinions of schools in order to pick a school for themselves. I did not do any research of any kind when it came to my decisions for both SCF and USF. I am incredibly grateful for my time here in the past and I think it was the right decision for me at the time, but I also think had I known more about the school, or had toured the school more before deciding, I wouldn't have chose it. 

I wish everyone the best of luck with the new school year and I hope that everyone gets As and doesn't have any problems or issues with their professors!! 

If anyone has any first-time college questions, I'd be happy to answer them!!!!


Also, just wanted to share our new Origami Handcannon Facebook cover photo because I freakin love him and his new pose. If you want a sticker with this bad boy on it, please let me know so I can give you one!


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