If you know anything about me, you know my dream job would be becoming a full time blogger, being my own boss, and working from home. Writing is one of my most favorite things in the world and can be like therapy to me. But, I also have a soft spot for social media marketing and using social media to grow a business. 

Since I am not really at a point with my blog where making money off of it is enough for me to live off of, I've decided to create a little side business in the meantime taking the knowledge I have and hopefully growing from it. Right now, I don't really have much experience to go off of, other than my own personal Instagram, the work I've done for Origami Handcannon, and one other small job I've done. But, school is starting in August, where I will be going back for an Associate's in Graphic Design, so this will hopefully help me gain the tools I need to create this business the way I want to. 

I am excited to announce that I will be creating my own side business, with the help of Origami Handcannon, called DK Media, or Daily Kennedy Media. I will specialize in SEO optimization for small businesses, helping get their feet off the ground. I can also set up social media accounts, and offer tips and tricks to turning social media into sales. 

I will be creating a free ebook soon regarding social media and how to optimize your social media use. Stay on the lookout for that because it will be really helpful for small businesses and small influencers!

My website is in the works right now where I will display some of my work and some pricing options, but once it is up I will edit this post and add the link. 


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