Relationship Status: Annoyed

I've been so annoyed recently with guys and my non-existent dating life. I cannot deal. Why is it so hard to get a guy to ask you out and then get him to go through with said date? This post is very complainy and ranty. Fair warning. It probably doesn't even make that much sense because I am literally so heated about this right now. 

Also, why do guys do that thing where they'll text you all day every day, but the moment you ask them out, if you even bother, they say no or don't show up. I've been stood up and turned down more times than I care to admit in the past couple of months, which is really disheartening for me. Or I spend all this time talking to these guys for them to not even ask me out for drinks and we just continue this online relationship for months, without it ever going anywhere.

Is this just guys in my area or is this something that every girl is going through right now? I bring this up because I feel like it can't be just me. Most of my girl friends are single and it seems like most girls are going through the same thing. 

I cannot seem to find a decent guy no matter where I look. It seems like guys my age are not looking for the same things I am? I cannot figure out what the problem is I guess. I think we might just be at an awkward age where girls and guys want different things in relationships, considering girls mature way faster than guys in that aspect. Maybe I'll just start sugar babying and finding guys older than me. 

I have been meeting plenty of guys in the past couple months, but it seems like none of them are creating that spark for me that I really need in order to begin a relationship. I think that initial spark is the most important thing in a relationship, because for me, if it's not there I won't ever be interested in that person. I'm not sure if that is just a me thing, or if it's an everyone thing, but let me know in the comments. 

This might sound absolutely insane so bear with me, but over the past few months there have been guys that I have met that would probably make wonderful boyfriends. But, I cannot let myself get close enough to figure it out. I need some kind of initial attraction, whether physical or mental, in order to feel as though it would be worth my time. This is probably going to come off partially insane because no one ever said they wanted to be my boyfriend, but here we are. I want a relationship, I think I'm finally getting ready to be in one again, but I cannot find that spark that I want. 

I know it is possible because I have felt that spark with two people I've been with. I know it's something I just have to find and wait for, but I am also unsure because those relationships ended up becoming very toxic and unhealthy and I don't want that for myself (obviously), but if the spark isn't there, the relationship is half-assed. I'm sort of giving up and not expecting anything to go anywhere, but maybe thats the problem. 

Who knows. Because obviously I don't. 

Girls, please shoot me some comments below and let me know what you're going through with your guy situation. What is your opinion on guys your age, regardless of your age. 

Talk soon


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