Guys, I think I've finally gotten this thing down to a science. Perhaps an unhealthy science, but a science nonetheless. Over the past week, while I've been a crappy blogger, I've lost almost six pounds!!! I am beyond blown away and halfway to my goal of getting to around 117 pounds. I may not have taken the healthiest route to get here, but here I am and I really want to maintain and continue to lose. 

So, first. Now that I have this new job, (@Origami_Handcannon on Instagram), I am not really eating during the day. I bring a snack or a protein drink or something, but other than that, my main meal of the day isn't until I get home around 7:00. Again, this probably isn't the healthiest option, but at least I am still eating a little throughout the day and then eating only once after I get home. I have managed to stop the late night cravings, FINALLY, and don't find myself wanting junk food after 10 PM, which is really the main reason I wasn't losing any weight. It was really, really bad - like eating a whole bag of chips in one night bad - so I'm glad that's under control. ***

Now that I finally have my cravings under control, I am ready to really tackle this weight loss and start feeling confident in my own skin. If you follow me on Instagram (@dailykennedyyy) you've probably noticed that I've been posting more selfies than I usually do. I've been trying really hard to promote self-confidence and accepting how I look. There isn't really much I can do to change it, so I might as well accept it, right? I don't want to become a narcissistic asshole or anything, but I do think it is important to feel comfortable in your own skin. 

Ever since I bought my first bra, I've experienced this feeling in my gut while getting dressed in the morning that I could never quite explain. But, I think I've finally figured it out. It's a from a lack of confidence, a lack of body acceptance, and a fear of being judged by others for the way I dress, the way my body looks, or both. This feeling has effected me from young adulthood to this day; I felt that same uncomfortable feeling in my gut THIS very morning. It is an anxiety that I have never felt in any other instance, only when acknowledging my body and what I am putting on to cover it. This has resulted in thousands of outfit changes, tears, and feelings of frustration over the years, and I am ready for it to end. 

I know I'm not overweight, I know I'm not in any place to be worrying about my figure, but I do. And I always have. I know this won't go away overnight, but I want to start working at it. Weight loss and starting to take more selfies, and acknowledging the way I look is the first step to self love, for me. I am hoping I can overcome my late night binge eating habits forever and never look back, and I am also hoping I can maintain this healthy lifestyle. 

I have been eating almost exclusively vegetarian, which I think is also helping. I ate half of a burger on Sunday night at work, but since our A/C is out, I sweat that sucker right off. My next plan is to try working out more, especially doing cardio. I was doing really well for about a month, exercising every night. The stress of family and taking a mini vacation did not help the cause, though. So, now we are back to square one. But, some progress is always better than none. I am still proud of myself and how far I've come in such a short amount of time. 

I challenge you this weekend to tell yourself 5 things that you love about you. Whether it's standing in the mirror and pointing them out, just making a mental list, or writing them down somewhere, it is good to put them into the universe. 

Here are mine (in no specific order):
1. My eyes
2. My hair
3. My ability to make others laugh
4. My writing abilities
5. My ability to have patience with others

Leave yours in the comments below if you choose to write them down!!!

Talk soon!!

***I know to be very careful when it comes to this kind of weight-loss method, as eating disorders are not a joke and should be taken very seriously. I know the effects they can have on people and I would not wish it even on my worst enemy. If you, or someone you know, is struggling with an eating disorder, please seek help. There is help for you, or your loved one, and it is more accessible than you believe. 


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