This is just a quick post that I feel like I have to write. 

That's right. Abortion. 

Let's talk about it really, really fast. My main concern with all of this is that I am watching a small show named The Handmaid's Tale. The current news situation is so reminiscent of the downfall of America in the show. I am genuinely terrified for what is to come for America. I think that if the abortion laws are not something you agree with, we need to start protesting. Because if we do not, we could be living in a real life Gilead very soon. 

I think that this should really be a wake up call for everyone. I am writing this solely to say that we need to start protesting these things. The series shows the effects of not doing anything to stop these changing rules and ideals, and how quickly things can spiral out of control. The show recalls that The Sons of Jacob brought down America in a matter of months. We may only have months left. I am scared. Genuinely scared. 

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If you also feel this way, please start calling and protesting these things in your neighborhood. Do not let this terrifying story come to life. Let it remain a Netflix special. To the men reading this: Unfortunately you have more power than us in this situation, please use your power to help the women in your life.

I don't think people really understand the effects pro-life laws could have on women and the foster care system. If you want a child, please look into adoption. For the love of god, please do not rape a woman and force her to have your child. There are half a million children in foster care looking for happy, healthy homes. Why would we bring more unwanted and unplanned children into this world when we are already very much overpopulated? 

I know that I for one, would not want to have a child were I to become pregnant. The thought of birthing a human out of my body makes me want to cry. I saw a tweet a couple days ago that said if the woman who tweeted it became pregnant couldn't get an abortion, she would probably kill herself. I think I would be right behind her. I would not want to bring a child into this world only to send them to an adoption agency where they will be unloved. I would love my own child with my whole heart, but I am in no place to be taking care of a child. 

I could get an illegal abortion, but this could ultimately kill me because of the safety risks, or I could get caught and get in all sorts of trouble. Which, again, sounds very reminiscent of The Handmaid's Tale.
To loop this back around, I just want to encourage you all to become passionate about this new "trend" from white, male politicians. If you think this is wrong, please make your voice heard. Hopefully it will not get to this point, but if it does, I will be moving out of the country. I am not going to let this happen to me, I am not putting my life in danger to bear a child that will live it's life either unloved, or not cared for in the way they should be whether it be because I cannot provide for them, or because the foster care system is absolute sh*t. 
Thanks for listening to me ramble. Please let me know what your opinions are on the matter. 

Please stop letting white, middle aged men control our bodies. 

Talk soon!


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