What Happened In: April 2019

My April was super jam-packed with school work. We had all of our major papers due this month, all of our presentations are this month as well (or early on in May, so I've been preparing). I wrote the greatest paper I've ever written in my life on Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, I also wrote a paper on William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, as well as some of the other novels I read over the course of my utopia/dystopia class. Maybe I will put them up after the semester if over, if you are interested in reading my feminist research papers, lol. 

I also had my International English Honor Society induction this month! It ended up being a total failure due to mental health reasons, so stay on the look out for an entire post about that. However, I did receive an honor cord, that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with since I'm not walking at graduation, but it is still exciting! I'll put it around my diploma frame, maybe. It should have been a really fun night with my professors and my friends, but my anxiety had to go ahead and ruin everything.. So, I have no pictures to show you because I didn't take any. 

The Shake Shack, which has been under construction for six months, finally opened this month! Will, my best friend, and I have been dying to go since construction started in December, and let me tell you all it did not disappoint. I've never had Shake Shack before, and while it was expensive (both in $$ and in calories), it was absolutely worth it. Obviously, we will not be going back for a while, I'm still burning off the calories and the line is still out the door from open to close everyday, but we will be going back. 

This month was more of a big month in my blogging space than anything. Wednesday, April 24th, I finally bought the domain dailykennedy.com which is super exciting! I no longer have a million y's at the end of my name and that ugly .blogspot.com after all the y's. It was a huge day for me, it made me feel even more inspired and dedicated to my blog now that I have to pay $12 a year to own it! I cannot wait to see where we are at this time next year after I have owned this blog for almost a full year and a half. 

I wrote my first blog post collab with WithCaitlyn, which was really exciting. I think that was a really big learning experience for me as a blogger, rather than just a writer. We went through a lot of bumps, but we finally got a piece up on her blog about my hometown, Sarasota, Florida. Make sure you go look through her blog to try and find it!

However, most of the month was spent in Starbuck's and Dunkin Donut's all across Sarasota, attempting to finish up my degree. This is a pretty short post, but it has been a very boring month. Hopefully, post graduation, life will become more interesting. 


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