LITTLE SIDE NOTE: I wish I could explain to you guys the itch I get when I'm not writing. Whether for school, for my blog, or in my journals, I literally cannot stop. I especially feel inspired when I come on and see that my reads are going up every day. It's so motivating to know that my words are reaching people. Even if it is only 10 or 15 people. Everyday my numbers are going up and everyday I am trying to come up with new content for you to enjoy and ways for me to show off my writing abilities and do what I love. 
I am so happy that I have finally found my passion and something that really drives me and makes me want to sit down and write. Actually sit down and think of things for you to read and things that would be enjoyable to read. I just want to share things with you and with the rest of the world. I know I say it all the time, but I really hope this blog continues to grow and I have even more of an excuse to write and explore and share places, emotions, and experiences with you guys. 

Thank you for reading my writing. 

Thought this was relevant for today's post because I, too, feel this way about writing.
Of course, for Keats it had to only be poetry that made things interesting.
It was the Romantic period, after all.

I think that passion is something that can be hard to find. Whether it is a person, a thing, or something in yourself, it can be really hard to be passionate about things. In my own personal experience, I have found lust in many things mistaking it for passion. For a long time, I really wanted to be a make up artist. Don't get me wrong, I still love make up and I'm always down for a Sephora trip, but it was more of a lust than a passion. I forced myself to do it everyday, even when I didn't want to, so I could have content to post on social media, so I could get better. 

But, I don't think passion is about getting better at something. I think it's about the craving you get for something. Something you literally cannot live without. To be perfectly honest with you guys, I could write a blog post everyday. I could have new content everyday. I just know that if I do that, I might get burnt out, and that kind of terrifies me. That is the difference between lust and passion in something. With lust you continually want to be doing it so you can get better, and it is something you enjoy deeply in the moment. But, afterwards, or when trying to motivate yourself to do it, it seems more like a chore. And that's how make up began to feel for me. Trying to come up with avant-garde, creative make up looks just wasn't working for me and I found myself copying other artists, which is never a good idea. 

With passion, you don't feel that. Or at least you can prevent yourself from feeling that way because it really is something you care about. Just like in a lusty relationship, it may be great in the moment, but after that lust dies, there's nothing that can be done to fix it. With a passionate relationship, even if you split due to whatever circumstance, that passion will always be there. There is always a person that, you know, if they ever approached you, you would melt straight into their hands -- regardless of the history. There should always be something in your life that makes you feel that passion. Whether it is a person, or an item, or a hobby. The problem is just trying to find it. 

As a child, my mom used to come into my room at night, sometimes 2, 3, or even 4 am to yell at me for staying up late. What was I doing? Reading,  or writing in my journal. Before bed, especially on weekends, I would pick out a stack of about 20 books from our bookshelf, and I would stay up until I had finished them all. Of course, I re-read the same Junie B. Jones books almost every weekend and probably had them close to memorized, but I loved being immersed in Junie B.'s world, and as I got older into the worlds of Twilight and John Green's ever growing universe. I loved the way words could transport me to their worlds and put me in places I could never actually visit in real life.

I grew up writing short stories, stories that even got published in the local newspaper (which was a big deal to eight year old me -- I was a real author!!). It has just always been something that was there for me. I could lock myself away and completely disappear from view, from life, from my problems. It has always been there, without me even realizing it. So, maybe what I'm getting at is, that if you feel like you are missing something in life, or like there is no passion in your life... Maybe you've already found it and you just don't even realize it. 

The thing about whatever it is that you are passionate about is that you don't have to be good at it. Your love for whatever it is you are doing is all that matters because that love will shine through in everything you do. It sounds cheesy, but it's true. It's not about getting better, it's about doing it because it makes you happy. I hope you have something that makes you happy and that helps you feel this kind of passion that writing gives me. I hope you can share it with the world. If it is a person, hold them tight and don't let them go. If it is a hobby, do it as often as possible and cherish it. Once you find your passion, it can really shed a whole new light on life. Writing gives me something to live for and I want you to find that for yourself. We all deserve to live happy, meaningful lives. 

My challenge for you: If you feel like you haven't found your passion yet, start searching for it. Maybe try working out if it is something you have never really done before. Try painting, cooking, or fishing. Maybe it's reading! Maybe it's writing, like me!! Whether you do it in private or go to weekly painting classes, it is so satisfying to actually sense that intense feeling in your soul that makes you appreciate life. Sometimes it is the little things that can impact our lives the most and make us the happiest. 


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