Life After Graduation: STORYTIME! My First Job Interview!

So, I actually got a job since this but I realllly wanted to share this story with you because it is too good. I cannot believe these things happen to me. 

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A little promo and now back to the story.
I applied for a Marketing Associate job for a marketing group in Tampa on a Wednesday. By the next morning, they had already emailed me wanting to schedule an interview. So, I chose my interview time for Friday started prepping. I wrote a cover letter for my resume, chose a cute, but professional outfit, and tried to not get nervous. That last one was a lost cause, though. I was terrified. It was my first job interview ever. Every job I've ever had I've gotten from family or friends so I've never needed to interview. But, I didn't let myself get psyched out too much, because I knew I just wouldn't go and I at least needed the interviewing experience, even if I didn't get the job.

Friday morning I wake up at 8 am to prepare for my interview at 11:30. I did my hair, my makeup, and even went and got a smoothie before heading out. I didn't want a coffee because I didn't want to be jittery and shaky during the interview. More than I already would be at least.

So, an hour later, I arrive at the supposed building. As I search for a parking spot I notice a group of women smoking outside - none of which are dressed in business casual as the interview email instructed. This seemed a little odd, but hey, maybe they participate in casual Fridays? It was a small building that looked to be at least 100 years old. This sketched me out even more, because how did a whole marketing company, along with other companies, fit inside this small building? I start to text my friends and my mom my location and tell them all that if I don't contact them within an hour and a half that they need to call the cops or come find me.

I start to second guess even going in for the interview. What if the company isn't legit, what if it's a sex trafficking scam, what if they're just trying to murder me? My mind goes wild while my friends attempt to calm me down over text as my 11:30 interview time approaches. It was time to make a decision: either I go in, or I begin my journey home. I knew I was just overthinking the whole situation, but I really was a little nervous that the company wasn't going to be legit.

As it turns out, I was right. But in a slightly different way.

I walk in the building, which ended up being gorgeously renovated on the inside with beautiful staircases and faux marble flooring, it was really a gorgeous building. I found the company's office and entered through the doors. There were two other women sitting in the waiting chairs and the receptionist called me over. I tell her I have an interview at 11:30 (the time was around 11:20) and she hands me some paper work, which I take to an empty chair and begin to fill out. The room felt more like a doctor's office waiting room than a business, but at least there wasn't any murders going on.

I fill out my paper work and watch as another interview applicant enters through the doors. The place was hoppin' to say the least. I couldn't believe how many applicants there were. But, something else caught my eye.

The owner of the company, who's name I cannot even remember at this point, walks out of his "office" and calls in the next applicant. This man was a man in his 30s, maybe, who was dressed in a suit that was too big for him, his eyes were sunken into his face, his hair was probably once a very nice, well groomed, short male cut which he had decided to grow out and never trim so it was all different lengths. He was a short, little man, and I immediately had to hold in my laughter. This man did not look professional in any way, shape, or form. I texted my parents, my friends and told them there was no way this job could be legit in any way.

Image result for the who from horton hears a who

He kinda looked like this guy from Horton Hears a Who. Just for a visual.

The next tell tale sign that this "company" was a scam was that the interviews were over half an hour behind. Two women interviewed before I was able to go back and each interview lasted around 15-20 minutes. I waited and waited, texting my family about how there was no way this company could be legit. Nor would I ever be able to take this man as my boss seriously, but I waited patiently for my interview.

Finally, around 12, I was called back. I met the man, who took me back to his office, which was really just a small room with a desk in it. There weren't any pictures on the walls or anything.

So, I'm not going to bore you like he did me for 15 minutes, so I'm just going to explain how this interview went real fast:

He talked. The w h o l e time. He spent an entire 13 minutes explaining that the company works with Fortune 500 companies (but couldn't name any of them, go figure) and how big and global the company was going to become. Which is bull. Essentially the job consisted of walking around Walmart for $8 an hour soliciting to people who are grocery shopping...

I don't even know if that's legal. But, regardless I listened to him tell me that that is their 6-9 month "training program" and how I can work my way up to making $75,000 a year. Okay, sure. Also, they were interviewing about 25 people that day, but claimed they were only going to call five people back, which is also bull. They were going to call every single person back. It was very pyramid scheme-y and honestly I hope none of those applicants were stupid enough to actually accept the job.

So, I was so engrossed in listening to how ridiculous this all sounded that when the interview came to an end and he asked me, "What makes Kennedy someone I would want to hire?" I wasn't even prepared to answer.

I was so caught off guard I laughed out loud and said "I really don't know, I have a lot of customer service experience," and laughed again. And then he thanked me for my time and sent me on my way. When I finally got out to my car, all I could do was sit and laugh. That was, by far, the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard and I couldn't believe that I was over qualified for my first job interview.

But, I am grateful to my friend Rebecca, who helped me so much to get this job working for her husband at Origami Handcannon. I think it is going to be a great experience. A job where I can work on my schedule, learn a lot, and have a lot of fun. I've only been in the office one day, but it was so much fun that I can't wait to go back and work some more on researching tech things that I don't know about and taking pictures, and editing pictures, all some of my favorite things to do.
I don't think she's reading this, but thank you Rebecca!! You have been a great friend to me and I hope some day I can return the favor!

Alright, I hope ya'll enjoyed my storytime!
Talk soon!!


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