Life After Graduation: Goals

Week one - Post-Grad:

I'm already bored. 

I've applied to what feels like a million jobs already. I haven't heard from any of them yet, which is discouraging, but I know it will be fine. I am already looking into going back to school to get an A.S. in Graphic Design from my local community college. I hate this idle feeling. I feel like if I don't find a job within the next month or so, I'm going to be stuck being a server forever. I know this is a bit of an exaggeration, but it really is how I feel. I feel like a deadbeat not doing anything these past couple of days. 

Again, I know that's not accurate, but it really is how I feel. I cannot let myself get stuck in a rut of not doing anything that will help me move forward with my life. So, here are my goals for my post-grad life:

1. Move out.

I lived on my own for one year back in 2017. Since I've had to move back home I've been miserable. I enjoy the freedom of being able to come home when I want and not feel bad for waking my family up. Overall, I just feel more productive when I'm in a space that I can feel comfortable in where I am free to be myself. Living on my own again is something I really want to accomplish this year - permanently. I love my family, but the tension that we can sometimes feel when we are together for too long is something I don't want to risk again. I think being in your own space is really important to growing and being your most authentic self. Living alongside my mom at this age makes me feel like I am still a child sometimes and that I need to ask her permission to do things and go places.

2. Find a job in my field and quit the service industry.

I would really like to find a job that I enjoy in my field this year. Having graduated this week, I really want to get out of the service industry. It has been killing me emotionally, physically, and mentally. While the restaurants I have worked in will always have a special place in my heart, I am ready to move on with my life and get ready for bigger, better things. Even if it is just starting at an entry level desk job that has room for growth and promotions. I hope my college experience has prepared me for what is to come next and I cannot wait to email my professors and tell them I got a job. I am excited to learn new things and find my way in the work force world. 

3. Devote more time to growing this blog. 

I would eventually like to grow this blog to having posts Monday through Friday, but right now it isn't worth it for me to devote that much time to my blog when I have a very small readership. I plan to really grow my Instagram and blog and hopefully be able to quit my desk job one day to do this full time. Of course, right now, I have to start small. I know that to reach 1,000 readers, first I have to reach 100. I am willing to put the time and effort into my writing that is necessary in order to grow a following and make it a full time career. I hope you all are willing to join me and follow me on my journey. 

4. Be more health conscious.

One of the best parts about living on my own was that I was more in control and more conscious of what I was eating. I wasn't just sitting down every time my mom made a meal, because I was doing all my own cooking. I found myself eating more raw and organic foods because, to be completely honest, I hate cooking. I found myself eating healthier out of laziness to make foods like pastas. I was mainly eating avocado and vegetables. So, I'm excited to be more health conscious and really work towards becoming a full time vegan again. I do love a good bag of chips every once and a while, though. So, who knows what will happen. I will be sure to keep you all updated. 

5. Be more caring, kind, and generous. 

To be honest, I feel that I can be very selfish and very unaware of people's feelings sometimes. This is something I would really like to focus on more and become a better friend. My best friend will listen to me talk all day, but once he has something to say, I find myself zoning out. I notice myself doing it only after the fact, so I need to be more aware of what I'm doing when I'm doing it. 

I really want to become a better person in the next year and I really want to focus on myself and becoming the best me I can be. I want to document that journey through my blog and hopefully share every moment with you guys. Please stay tuned because there is so much to come!! I cannot wait to see where life takes me. 



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