Alright, before I start this post I would like to talk about the controversy around juicing and some of the problems I encountered when doing this three day cleanse. There are many articles that claim juicing is great and something everyone should do, while some people say it is really bad, especially for weight loss. Unfortunately, I did not have time to go to an actual juice store to buy juice without preservatives, so I ended up just buying two 64oz bottles of Naked Juice. I bought the Mighty Mango flavor and the Blue Machine flavor. Originally, I was going to try to drink a bottle and a half of juice a day. This was incredibly unrealistic once I actually began the cleanse. 
While some say cleanses like this are bad, I really saw no harm in it. When I began my weight loss journey about a month and a half ago, I weighed 127.2 pounds. For some reason, I cannot seem to get below 125, even when following apps and tracking calories and working out. So, I decided that this really couldn't do any harm to use it as a way to help myself get over that 125 hump. However, I did not really pick the best week to do this cleanse because I've just been sitting at home all day everyday, with the thought of boredom eating lingering. Also, it was a week where I was going out with my friends and family, because it is my sisters last week of high school and a bunch of family is in town. So, with all of those hurdles, it really wasn't the best week to be attempting this, so I will be trying again in June. 

The Rules:

So, I also wanted to include intermitted fasting to the mix as well, so I will wait until I cannot wait any longer to start drinking juice for the day. Then, at dinner time, I will allow myself to eat one meal (most of the articles I read on juice cleanses say you should do this), but it had to be fruits and veggies only. Then, I will begin fasting again until the next day. I did not really set a limit on how much juice to drink or how big my meals could be. 

Day 1:

Day 1 was a complete flop. I did not start drinking juice until around 1 pm. I then met my friend at a thrift shop around 2pm. After that, he wanted to get food and I told him I would sit with him while he ate. Which I failed at. I ended up eating at the restaurant, but I did constrain myself to eating vegan. I had a kale and quinoa power bowl that I really wish I had taken pictures of because it was seriously delicious. I had them make it without cheese and without chicken, so it was entirely vegan and was going to be my meal for the day.
Then, I went home, drank some more juice, and headed to my sister's choir awards/concert. After the concert, she wanted to go get dinner, so yet again I broke. However, I ordered hummus and a veggie power bowl again, but this time it was Asian style with broccoli and peppers. 
So, day 1 wasn't perfect, but I'm used to eating around 5 times a day, and usually pretty hearty meals. This was also a lot for me, especially eating vegetarian again like I've been wanting to, so it was a good day for me, even if I didn't necessarily follow my cleanse. 

Weight at the end of day 1: 127 pounds.
Juice consumed: maybe 16-20 oz? Not as much as I had intended.
Meals eaten: 2, but vegan.

Day 2:

Day 2 was better. I stayed home all day without any distractions from friends or family that might make me stray from my cleanse. I began drinking juice around noon, and found myself not really hungry until about an hour before my family eats dinner. When that hunger hit, I was starving. I caved yet again and ate half of a veggie burger on two slices of bread with cheese. I also ate some hummus and veggies. The bread and cheese, however, were the only things breaking my cleanse thus far that day, so I was proud. After dinner, I was so full. Uncomfortably full and I hadn't even eaten that much. I was immediately sleepy and put my juice away for the day and turned to water. 
However, around 11pm, I started to feel hungry again. I have always been a late night snacker, I love laying in bed and just mindlessly snacking. So I had three slices of watermelon and this did not really do anything but imitate that feeling of late night snacking. But, after that I wanted more, so I had some cashews and pumpkin seeds and craisins. So, again technically, I was confining myself to a more raw, plant based diet, but I was eating more than I probably should have. 

Weight at the end of day 2: 125.8 pounds.
Juice consumed: about 30 oz. 
Meals eaten: 1, with 2 snacks.

Day 3:

Day 3 has been the easiest day thus far. I was not hungry even when it came time for dinner. I ate my leftovers from my Asian power bowl I ordered on day 1, and then had a couple slices of cheese. Not really a part of my "diet," but I really just wanted cheese. I have not drank nearly as much juice as I did on day 2, but I felt just as full. I only just finished the first bottle of juice on day 3, something I wanted to finish on day 1. But, I feel that 1300 calories in juice in just one day would have been a lot. So, now I have another full bottle of juice in my house that I need to drink. 

Weight at the end of day 3: 125.8
Juice consumed: about 16 oz.
Meals eaten: 1


What I Would Do Different:

If I were going to do this juice cleanse again, which I plan to, I would find an actual juice store in my area (I think there is one in Downtown Sarasota) and buy juice that is raw, vegan, and with no preservatives. I don't think this really effected my cleanse that much, but just for the sake of the cleanse I think it would be better.
Also, I think being busy is important to sticking to the cleanse and making sure I'm not cheating and snacking and making it not worth while. I will be doing this challenge again with more willpower and less distractions and temptations. I also think that being busy, as opposed to sitting around all day, would be better because I was literally just sitting around and waiting to eat. If I'm not looking forward to it as much, I think it will be easier. Also, I need to get on a better sleep schedule. Staying up late coincides with my love for late night snacking so if I could just go to bed at a reasonable time, it probably wouldn't be so bad. 

What I Learned:

Maybe juice cleanses don't deserve the bad reputation that a lot of people give them. I think I took in enough good food throughout the three days that it wasn't so much about starving myself as I thought it would be. Yes, there were times that I was hungry, but it wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I think this cleanse helped to kind of shrink my stomach in a way, the meals I was eating were much smaller than meals I normally eat and I felt just as full, if not more full. I think a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and losing weight is portions of your meals. So, if anything I think this cleanse helped me learn to portion control and be more aware of what I am putting in my body. 

Let me know if you decide to do a juice cleanse of your own! I want to know what kind of juice you try, and what your results look like!



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