Favorites of the Month: May 2019

Since I've started my new job, I figured it would only be appropriate to shout out my favorite social media platform this month: Instagram. 

To me, social media is a great and wonderful thing, but can also be a really horrible thing. I think that when used correctly, social media is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I love the idea of being able to share things with those who maybe aren't close by, such as high school friends who have split up going to different colleges, and it creates opportunities for online friendships. I met my best friend through social media eight years ago and we are still best friends to this day. I think socials can really be life changing for people, like it did for me and my best friend. It can bring people together and help old friends stay connected. 

Another favorite of mine this month has been avocados and spinach. I've been eating them like they are going out of style. I love to eat them with almost every meal, even if it's only a half of a tinier avocado, or spinach on pasta - they literally go with almost everything. 

This week (the week of May 27th) I am going to try eating an entirely vegan diet again. I am going to see how much weight I can lose and if I can keep the weight off again. After doing my juice cleanse, I ended up gaining back all the weight I had lost while we were at Disney, which is fine because that was part of the reason I chose to do the cleanse. So I could enjoy my time at Disney and eat some really good food, which I did. I also drank a lot, which seems to have a really big effect on weight gain for me, for some reason, so it's time to take all that weight back off again. 

But recently, I've really been enjoying pasta with spinach, instead of chicken, and avocados on tacos instead of chicken. I've been trying my best to cut chicken out of my life this month, so I guess you could call chicken an "un-favorite" this month. Is that even a word?

It has honestly been such a crazy busy month, make sure you check out the What Happened In that will be coming out later this week. I was genuinely too busy to have a favorite anything, but I am relieved the month is over. I can't wait for summer and to get back on a decent schedule once school starts back up again. Sorry this post is a little bit on the shorter side, please leave me some comments below as to what your favorite things were this month! 



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