What Happened In: March 2019

This month has been much more relaxed than February, and I'm really grateful for that. I was still as busy as any other senior in college, but it was less hectic outside of school. Because of this, I had a lot of time to work on my blog and school work. This semester is the first time I was actually confident in a paper topic for Senior Seminar. We have a huge twelve page paper due in the next couple weeks, and I've never felt so sure of a paper topic in my entire college career. I'm super excited about it and I can't wait to start writing in the next couple weeks. 

Alongside school, I've been doing really well with my blog. I've been uploading three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (just throwing that out there in case you didn't know I did that) and it's been running really smoothly. I'm quite proud of being able to produce and create the content that I enjoy and can take out a lot of stress by writing everything down. 

Spring Break was also this month, and I had so much free time I really didn't know what to do with myself. Also, if you want to read about the horrible "date" I went on over break, check out my post called Why Dating Sucks Part 2: Storytime. It was not the best of times, but not the worst of times, either. We cope, we move on.

But, earlier in Spring Break I had some really cute pictures taken of me by a friend that have already been featured in some of my posts, but have not been seen on Instagram yet, so enjoy those perks of actually reading my blog. 

Then, my best friend, Will, and I spent a night at Disney and it was so much fun. We only went to Disney Springs, but we drank and ate and had all around a good time. We went to just about every restaurant and had food and drinks, bought some clothes, and spent a lot of time making new memories. We learned how to use Uber for the first time, we spoke way more Spanish than expected, dealt with a rude hotel check in agent, and woke up super early because there was just about a semi truck in our hotel room (not actually, the hotel room was just not sound proof whatsoever and conveniently next to a highway resulting in us waking up at 6 am to horns honking and squeaky brakes).

My sister also turned 18 this month, which is a huge accomplishment for her. We went to dinner at this super cute Italian restaurant almost an hour from our house, but it was well worth it. 
We went with some friends and had an absolute blast. My sister and her friend ended up smiling at the cute the pizza boy, resulting in a free pizza, which was very kind of the boy and also hilarious to all of us except her friend's father. Her father also gave my sister a very serious talk about the change from being 17 to 18, such as no longer being a minor when getting in trouble with the law (not that any of us have ever gotten into any trouble with the law). 

We came home and my sister opened up her gifts from us. I got her the Tangled Vinyl for her record player, as well as a fill-in-the-blank book called "Reasons I Love My Sister". My mom got her a bracelet that she also got me for my birthday called The Birthday Wish Bracelet. Fun Fact: My bracelet actually fell off while I was in London, which is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me. Hopefully Harley's wishes come true and she has the best year yet. She will be done with high school in just a couple weeks and soon the entire world will be her oyster. 

My sister and I also went to Animal Kingdom to celebrate her birthday, so be sure to look out for pictures on IG!

We spent the day running around hyped up on caffeine and lack of sleep. We went on Expedition Everest, Avatar's Flight of Passage, and went on a safari. You can also watch my highlight on Instagram (@dailykennedyyy) to see how our day went. It felt like we just did a lot of waiting in line and eating. The road trip home was the worst, since I had worked 10 hour shifts the two days before. I was incredibly exhausted, but we managed. 

Book of the month: This month, I read Brave New World for my Utopia/Dystopia class and I really, really enjoyed it. If you like dystopian novels I definitely recommend it. For something that was written nearly 100 years ago, it sure is relevant. Next I'm reading 1984 by George Orwell, if you want to read along with me. 

Theater of the month: This month, in the same day actually, my sister and I saw Ibsen's A Doll House Part 2 as well as The Lion King: The Musical. A Doll House was at our local Asolo Rep Theater, while Lion King was at the Van Wezel, a slightly larger theater by our house in Sarasota. I recommend both of these, especially if you've read or seen the original A Doll House. It is a really interesting play for its time period that plays with the idea of the angel in the house, and the roles women played in society during Ibsen's time. The play is hilarious, adorable, and such a good read. I really loved it, which made me want to see A Doll House Part 2. I won't reveal any spoilers, just in case you're actually interested in reading it. 


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