It would appear that I had posted "Why Dating Sucks" just a couple of days too early, which means I can either let this go, or write this update. So, let's have some fun shall we? I hope you all are ready for this wild rollercoaster ride of a week I've had.

So, I am not the kind of person to let guys "slide into my DMs", as the children call it. Social media is my dream job, so I do not really want to use it as a dating site. I normally just block, or ignore, the guys that attempt to get my number or Snapchat from Instagram. But, since this certain person (here's hoping he's not reading this) was someone I went to middle and high school with, I figured it would be okay. We had been talking over the interwebs for a couple of days, until we finally made plans.

The next night, we were supposed to meet up for some drinks. I was kind of excited. This would be my first, real date since my and ex and I split nearly a year ago (said ex already has a new girlfriend, so I figured it was time to start moving on). 

Again, I am not the kind of person who needs to have a boyfriend, I am totally feeling okay about the whole situation. I just had to share it with you all, because it perfectly embodies nearly everything I mentioned in my unintentional part one post. I am not looking for a boyfriend, but if I meet someone I am not opposed to the idea.

So, I'm really excited about this date. I hung out with my best friend earlier in the day and told him everything and how excited I was to finally be going out. We had decided to go to the bar I work at, because it was comfortable for me. He didn't know that part, but when meeting someone for the first time, I wanted to be somewhere I would feel comfortable, and honestly could run out the back kitchen door if something went wrong. One of the many precautions I take when meeting someone new.

The time is getting nearer and nearer. We had been texting on and off all day, and he tried to invite me over for drinks, as opposed to going out because his roommate currently had his car. This was my first major red flag. So many things could go wrong by putting myself in that situation. If I was attacked, I would not know the environment around me. And if he drugged me, via alcoholic beverage, I was really out of luck. So, this was something I just wasn't comfortable with. I told him I had to run home after grabbing some groceries, so we could just meet up later in the night. Ya know, once he got his car back. 

Later in the night he invites me over again, saying we could drink there, then head to where I work to grab some food. Again, I politely attempted to decline going to his apartment. Well, as it turns out, his roommate was going to have his car for longer than he expected. This, to me, means many things. One, he doesn't actually have a car. Two, he is really just trying to drug and rape me in his apartment. Which is a very probable possibility.

I decided to not answer, until he messaged me later saying he got his car back and was currently out with his friends. Okay, completely disregard our plans, but that's fine. Yet, another red flag.

We didn't talk for a few days, as I was very weary of this guy, but he messaged me again. We spent a couple hours texting about food and our favorite restaurants, until nearly 4 am. I decided to give this guy another chance when he invited me to the beach. We were going to meet there around 10/11am, but I was going to go early to get some reading done for school while he went to the gym. It was a definite plan.

I, for one, am horrible at waking up before 10am. So, when I woke up around 10:15 to a text saying he had just woken up himself, I was partially relieved. He said he was going to the gym and would head out afterwards. Great. I lazily got ready, went and got a smoothie, and was on route to the beach around 11am. It took around two hours to finally get to the secret beach we planned to meet at (it's a beach that only residents know about, tourist free and wonderful, and if I tell you what it's called I'd have to kill you).

I got comfy and broke out my book. I thought it was strange that I hadn't heard from him yet, but I figured he was just stuck in the same traffic leading out to the beach. Finally, after nearly an hour and a half of being at the beach (it's around 2:30, for those keeping track) he texts and says he's just finished eating lunch. So, he wasn't on his way. Okay, well I had planned to get dinner with my family that night, so I told him I wouldn't be able to stay out there much longer. His response was along the lines of, "okay well my friend wants to go to Siesta to drink, so we're probably just going to go there if I can't convince him to go to Beer Can". Again, for reference, Siesta is about an hour away from the beach I was at. I replied saying that I would have to leave soon and to let me know, which got no reply.

So, I left.

Four hours later, this boy thought it would be a good idea to tell me that he was at Siesta and that his phone died, which is why he didn't answer. He would still love to see me, so maybe we could meet up later in the night.

I was probably too polite in my answer, but I told him I had plans. I have not heard from the boy since, but he has liked my Instagram posts since then. So, folks, I think we're dealing with a ghost. My first date in nearly a year and I was left on the beach alone for five hours. Granted, I got nearly all my reading done, but I was a little upset. Being stood up, regardless of by who, is hurtful. Definitely took a hit to my confidence, although I am trying to learn from it and also not take it so seriously. Sure, I spent the day alone when I could have made plans with someone who would have actually showed up, but you work with what ya got. Which now, is a sunburn.

Me, pre sunburn and still hopeful.
So, for everyone who is looking for love, just give it time because it will come. Don't settle for just anyone, and recognize red flags before they are problems. Also, if something doesn't feel right in your gut, you're probably right. After the first failed plan, I knew I shouldn't have made second plans, but I did anyway. 

Anyway, leave some comments below about horrible dates you've been on, because it would be really reassuring to know I'm not the only one that's ever been stood up. Good luck to all my sweet girls out there trying to date in a world full of idiotic men. 

Today, as I continued to complain about my "date", my friend told me that "most guys suck, but some guys only suck sometimes." That is one of my best guy friends on the planet, and even he knows guys suck. So, I hope you all meet your man who only sucks sometimes.



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