How to Stay Focused

Like probably everyone else on the planet, I have a very hard time staying motivated and focused on one thing for longer than a couple minutes. I am always trying to get everything done every five minutes and I am consistently changing my focus. So, here are some tips that I use to fake myself out and get things done. Hopefully some of you can use these tips and get sh*t done!

The biggest thing that I can recommend is an app that helps to use the Pomodoro effect. This means taking 30 minutes to study, and then 30 minutes to play. Continue this until the work is done. Of course you can change the length to fit your schedule, but I have found that this really does help. There are plenty of apps on the App Store that help to manage your time. 

My phone is the number one thing that takes my focus away from my work. I tell myself I will just check my Instagram and then turn it off, but this is never the case. 
The app, Flora, is a great free app to keep you off your phone. Start the timer and begin growing your trees. If you click out of the app, you kill the tree. You can even connect to Facebook and let all your friends know when you kill a tree, which is really motivating to me. You can even pay to plant actual trees that coincides with how many hours you study on Flora. I am a huge fan of this app and have used it for a while now. You can also connect with friends on the app, so you can depend on other people to not kill your tree and vice versa. 
This app has truly helped me get papers upon papers done. I owe my life to this app, haha.

Another thing that really helps me to stay focused is studying in coffee shops. Getting out of bed and getting ready for the day helps get me into a serious, studying mindset. Laying in bed results in me falling asleep or just cuddling with my puppy. Being out and about makes it feel "official" if that makes sense. Also, having people around makes me feel like I need to work or people will be judging me. The amount of money I have spent on coffee, bagels, and donuts is ridiculous, but I literally cannot work any other way.

Let me know if you use these tips and what works for you in the comments below!!


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