How To Deal with Your Introverted Friend

DISCLAIMER: This is just my thoughts and opinions. These tips and tricks have worked for me, so I wanted to relay this information to you.

Being an introvert, I have plenty of experience of feeling overwhelmed by friends who are... not introverted. Most introverts have friends who are extroverted by every definition and we can find it very stressful to hang out with these friends. If you consider yourself extroverted, this post is for you. 
Maybe a friend referred you here, or maybe you are worried about a friend who comes across as introverted, but either way you are in the right place. I have always had friends who are very extroverted and none of them have ever seemed to understand what it is like to be introverted. This is what I wish I could have told them.

1. Be patient with us. Trust us when we say we want to hang out with you. Some days we just find it very hard to leave our beds. We're not trying to avoid you, we don't think you're horrible, we're just a little more reluctant to leave the house than you are. 

2. Okay. You've finally got us out of the house. Please take us somewhere quiet with few people. We enjoy going to movies, small restaurants, places of that nature. 
But if you're really not sure, ask us where we'd like to go, rather than surprising us and taking us to a crowded bar. From my personal experience, I get tired much quicker at busier places than I do at places that are not as crowded. So if you want to keep us out longer, take us somewhere more intimate. 

3. The biggest tip I can suggest, is check on us day to day to see how we're feeling. One day I feel full of energy and ready to take on the world, while other days, I'd rather not leave the house. Take into consideration our preference for the day before forcing us to leave the house, and when we are feeling adventurous, be sure to take advantage!!

This does not mean you should not push your friend to become more extroverted, because this can be a good thing, but don't push too hard. Little accomplishments can be good for us. Be sure to encourage your best friend to leave the house even when they're feeling like they don't want to leave their bed. This doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to their needs and spend days watching Netflix and eating ice cream in bed. Your introverted friend would really appreciate it. 

Me in my natural habitat- writing alone.
Again, these are just some tips that have worked for me and how I would want to be treated by my friends. However, I by no means expect my friends to treat me differently because I prefer quiet places. Keep this in mind, because most introverts tend to be very shy and potentially feel the same way. 
I think just being the best friend you can be is the best way to deal with your introverted friend and keeping their emotions in mind when trying to plan events. Hopefully these little tips and tricks will help you and your friend. Extroverted friends can sometimes be overbearing to introverts, so try not to overwhelm us and we will get along just fine! :)



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