Favorites of the Month: March 2019

This month has been a very reflective month. Over Spring Break it really hit that this is my last semester of college. I am over the halfway point of the semester, already. I am beginning to worry about what is next for me in life. So, I think one of my favorites of the month is school. 

Growing up, school was easy. I never had to study, I never had to try, and graduated with a 3.5 GPA and about 9 college credit hours. Good enough for me.
After high school, I went to a community college for my Associate's Degree. I regret this decision so much. The professors seemed like they did not care. They were not passionate about what they were teaching, and they definitely did not take pride in their work. This had the immediate result of causing my GPA to drop to a 3.11. The teachers didn't care, so I didn't care. I wouldn't do the work, I would just barely get by, but you know what they say- Cs get degrees.

So I was content. 

I transferred to the University of South Florida for my junior year, finally choosing a major in English Literature. I signed up for online classes and one in person course. I got Cs in all three of my online classes. I could tell these professors cared about their courses, I wasn't going to be able to just breeze by here. I would actually have to put some work in to get a decent grade. By the end of my Junior Fall semester, my GPA had dropped again to a 2.8. Online classes, which I had nearly exclusively taken at the community college, just wasn't going to work here. In order to actually do well in these classes, I knew I was going to have to sit through the in-class lectures to understand anything. The next semester I took three in-person lectures, and one online course. 

My professors have been the most amazing and inspiring people in my entire life. I have never met an educator more willing to help students and more willing to teach than these two professors I've had during my time at USF. Since I go to a smaller branch rather than the main campus, I have had the same two professors for every course I have taken. For one, I give them major props for being able to teach multiple courses every semester. Two, it means they genuinely connect with every student on some level and it really inspired me to enjoy school. I've always liked school, it's better than having a job, but these professors genuinely changed my entire life. I have never been more eager and excited to learn than in the past two years. 

I am incredibly sad my journey with USF is coming to an end and that I will no longer get to go to class everyday and be excited to learn what these professors have to say about the works they have assigned to us. You can call me a nerd or whatever, but these past two years have dramatically changed my life and make me wish I had gone to USF my whole college career. I would have had a way better graduating GPA and I would have learned so much more than I had at the community college.

I am so grateful for everything that my professors have done for me, including phone calls from home to talk about assignments, office meetings, emails checking up on me when I seemed "off" in class. I really hope I can continue to be friends with these two professors moving on in life, because I am so inspired by them and what they do for their job and their motivation to help students learn and find a job. Which is really helpful, especially being an English major and having to answer the age old question of, "What are you going to do with that?". 

If you're going to college anytime soon, make sure you look into the quality of the education you are going to pursue. You are spending your hard earned money on it, so I think you should get something out of it. And who knows, maybe these people will inspire you and help to point you in the right direction for life after college. Your professors work for you, you pay their salary. Make sure you make the best of the resources they can offer you. 

Something to Watch: I anticipated the release date of The Act on Hulu for weeks. It was finally released March 20th, and I definitely recommend it. It's the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. She was raised believing she had illnesses, diseases, and even cancer. Her mother had her salivary glands removed, a feeding tube placed in her stomach, and nearly all of her teeth removed. After dealing with years and years of abuse, Gypsy's boyfriend killed her mother. After running away (she was confined to a wheelchair, even though she could walk), it was soon realized she did not have any of the illnesses her mother convinced her she did. Joey King does an amazing job playing the role of Gypsy and I really, really recommend watching it. Episodes are released every Wednesday on Hulu. I also watched a million documentaries on the case, as well as read a million articles about it as well. Buzzfeed wrote an article that inspired the writers of the TV show, so I would check that out too. Happy watching. Let me know what you think by either sending me a DM on Instagram (@dailykennedyyy) or leaving a comment here. 

Don't forget to leave a comment below as to what your favorite thing was this month!



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