A Letter To My 25 Year Old Self

Dear 25 year old Ken, 

I have so many ideas for where you might be in your life right now. I want to be in London, I want to be a writer, an influencer, potentially working in P.R. All these things could lead me down so many paths that I genuinely have no idea where we'll end up. 

I hope that you are still close with Harley, I hope she is doing well too, she will be my age now. I hope that we are both happy and living our very best lives. 

Maybe you'll even have pursued a Master's degree by now, and hopefully you are putting it to good use. 

My mood right now.
My goals for us at 25 would be to have a happy home, where ever in the world I end up. Whether I am in a relationship or not does not really matter to me, so long as I am as happy as can be. I hope to be somewhere I love surrounded with people that I love. 

The best thing about this is that when I am 25, I can look back and read this letter. I cannot wait to see what I'm doing in four years and what I've been up to. I hope I am still friends with some of my best friends and that they are doing well, too. 

I cannot wait for the future and everything that is coming my way. I feel more confident than ever before and I'm ready to take on anything. I hope that this blog is still around in four years, and hopefully you guys are still around as well. I appreciate the reads and views you all have given me and I hope that we can only grow from here.

This turned into a weird post, but either way I can only hope for a successful future and a good life ahead of us all. I wish you all the best of luck and I encourage you to write a letter to your future self expressing your goals and plans. It will be interesting to see how things change and how your plans have shifted in four years. Growth is good and necessary, goals change and plans change. Go with the flow and don't stress out if life isn't going exactly how you planned, it will get better.



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