When You're the Introverted Friend

Most of my friends enjoy spending their nights after work at the local bar. I, however, do not. 
I would much rather just go home after a night of working, or a night of schooling because it is honestly exhausting for me.
I also do not like the feeling of being drunk, as I am a very controlling person and like to be in control of my own body, but that's another post in itself.  
Being introverted presents so many problems for me in my life because I can find it really hard to have a close-knit group of friends because I do not really enjoy the bar scene, let alone hanging out with a large group of people. 
Being servers at the same restaurant, it is hard to have the same days off and hard to find ways to hang out that isn't just going out after work. I have tried to coordinate with one friend for the past three months and we still have not been able to find a day that works for both of us, as we work conflicting schedules.
So, I have reluctantly tried my hardest to go out with my friends after work and tried to be apart of the group with them, but I find it exhausting when I would really much rather be home. It makes it nearly impossible to maintain a friendship this way. Being the boring one who always just wants to go home is not a good look. Those friends that I do have and can barely maintain through work don't really want to be friends with someone who does not want to hang out with them outside of work. 
My best friend, Jordan, knows I am not a social drinker and this photo is from us out on New Year's Eve after three or four consistent nights of going to bars, something we both rarely do.
But, this is one of the perks of having this blog. I am able to talk to people and converse with people without leaving my bed. I really am enjoying the people I've met through this blog thus far and I cannot wait to meet more and more people as my following *hopefully* grows. 
Being an introvert is a constant struggle, especially being a server. I know a lot of people can relate to this, and I want to help anyone who is an introvert and is struggling. If anyone has any questions about being an introvert, how to live with an introvert, or how to succeed in an extroverted world, let me know! I want to talk about it and make it something that is not seen as just being lazy and boring, as many people tend to think it is. I want to try and start a "mini-series" on being an introvert and how to better understand the introverts in your life. Let me know if you like this idea, or not, and I will go from there!!


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