What Happened In: Feb 2019

Was February super busy for everyone else, too? Just me? Oh, okay. Between two theater visits, midterms, and a college tour, I can't seem to stop moving this month. 

The month started out with The Superbowl. We were crazy busy at work, a local sports bar, and I absolutely hated it. There is nothing better than a bunch of grown, drunk men yelling about other grown men who are hundreds of miles away and cannot hear you. 
The week got better though, because my sister and I went to Ringling Underground, a once-a-month event at our local museum, Ringling. It is the home of John Ringling, one of the Ringling brothers (you know, like the circus). His wife had an art museum basically in their backyard, and this is where Ringling Underground is held. This month they featured some local bands, including Lemón Royale, a band of fellow Braden River High alumni.

The following Wednesday we spent at back at Ringling Museum, but this time slightly next door at the Asolo Repertory Theater, to see The Crucible. We went mostly because I had to for my Senior Seminar class, but I enjoyed the performance. The play itself is already stupid and I could really create a whole blog post just about that (I wont, don't worry). The performance was much different from reading the play for the first time over a year ago, and changed the way I read the play the second time around yesterday. I highly recommend any Arthur Miller play if you are ever offered tickets or can find a way to go see some drama. For my fellow Sarasotians, The Crucible is at the Asolo until March 6th. Student tickets are only $10, definitely go see it. 

Then, we got to see Hamilton for the second time. My sister, mom and I all went to see the show in Chicago nearly two years ago. I personally am not a die hard fan of the show, but my sister is. I do have to say that it is impossible not to enjoy yourself. I personally enjoyed each performance for different reasons, but enjoyed it nonetheless. The Chicago performance was better because the actors seemed to enjoy it more and seemed more involved in their roles. The show is very silly and requires funny dancing and yelling, and I felt that Chi's performers did a better job at this than the traveling performers. But, I enjoyed this performance more because I knew the words to the songs. Since it is a musical, you can listen to the entire production word for word on iTunes, Spotify, anywhere you can listen to music. Knowing the words definitely improves the quality of the performance and, of course, a little history knowledge. 
The thing that bothered me the most about both The Crucible and Hamilton was that many audience members did not do ANY research before buying tickets to these shows. There were multiple people I saw reading the descriptions of the shows before they started, as if they didn't even know what they had bought tickets for. Also, many people were offended by the language and satire in Hamilton, which is basically what Miranda is trying to do (AKA Jefferson would be rolling in his grave if he knew he was being played by a black man).

There is so much more that happened this month, but since this post is getting long, I'll cut it short. 

I wanted to start choosing a novel every month and tell you guys about it. Since I am in my last couple months of school I don't have much time to read outside of required readings. But, if one sticks out to me, I figured I could tell you all about it. 
A couple weeks ago, for Senior Seminar, we had to read Desire Under the Elms by Eugene O'Neill, the great American playwright. This is a play I have read numerous times and I just love it more and more every time. It intrigues me more and more after every read. It is a twisted love story between a father, a son, and a woman who is brought in from town to live with the father and son. It is twisted and dark and all I can think about is those damn "sinister elms". 
Let me know in the comments if you had a busy month as well and what kind of mischief you got into.



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