Favorites of the Month: Feb 2019

I cannot believe we are already three months into 2019! I need this year to slow down because there is still so much I want to accomplish before December. 
Anyway, let's get on with my favorites of the month. 

Ya'll know I couldn't do a favorites of the month without talking about makeup. So, this month I recently rediscovered my Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. I am not sure if this is still available for purchase, but if it is make sure you go pick it up if you don't have it yet. It is sooo beautiful, especially for lighter skin tones. I have found that the pink tones work really well for light and dark skin tones. I was getting ready for work in a rush and wanted to look flawless so I used the shades 143 and Glow Getter on my lids and cheeks. Let me just say I made 25% of my sales that night in tips. That is how gorgeous this palette is. It is simply stunning and I cannot recommend it enough. ABH Glow Kits in general are fantastic, but if you have fair skin, like me, it can be really hard to find kits that are beneficial to buy for all four shades. There is always two in the kits that aren't suited to my skin tone. I have found, however, that these darker shades make beautiful eyeshadow shades for the lids. It brings the look from boring to super cute and makes your eyes so glowy. I found that the shade Glo Getter is good for natural looks and 143 is better for more glam looks. It's slightly more shimmery and dark. Those two shades I use the most out of the six in the palette. 

For music this month, I ended up accidentally discovering Julia Michaels and I have fallen in love. When Niall announced and released their collaboration together, I could not stop listening to her voice. It is like angels are dancing on my ear drums. I loved her so much I ended up listening to exclusively her music on the entire drive to and from Miami. If you don't know where I live, that is a three hour drive there and back. I listened to her on repeat for SIX HOURS!!! That's how much I am obsessed with her voice. Her newest album, Inner Monologue Part 1 is incredible. Her music is very relatable to me, and I think a lot of people, and things I have gone through in my life (re: Anxiety feat. Selena Gomez) and she perfectly puts feelings into words. I personally think there is not enough music out there about dealing with things like depression and anxiety. To be perfectly honest, if there were more songs like this I think kids would be more willing to talk about their depression and get help. If I knew even celebrities deal with things like anxiety and depression, I would've been much more willing to talk about it rather than waiting until I was nearly at a breaking point to finally bring it up to my mom. I definitely look up to her for doing this and putting real emotions and feelings into music. Look into her if you haven't already. I'm really hoping she will be touring after Part 2 is released because I will be in the front row.

For my bullet journal this month I used all pink and lots of hearts considering February is the month of love... But, since I am a single pringle this Valentine's Day, I included this cute little bit that says "My blanket and pillow are calling". How cute!! Can't wait to show you guys my favorites from March, I can't wait to use lots of green and four leaf clovers! 

I didn't have a real "favorite of the month" this month, since we have been so busy (go check out my last post to see what I did this month!) and I'm hoping March will be much calmer and I will be able to spend more time reviewing products and using things I can write about. My goal for March 2019 is to get better at this formatting and stop having my posts look so clunky. This formatting and HTML is not my favorite, but I am finally figuring things out, like how to include columns!!! I think it will get better over time. I can already feel it getting better. 



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