Favorite of the Month: BuJo!

2019 is off to a stressful start, but one thing has gotten me through--my handy dandy bullet journal. I have been bullet journaling on and off for about four years now. It is a hard thing for me to keep up with, but when I do, I am organized, less stressed, and all around a happier person.
So for my January favorite, I decided I should definitely talk about my bullet journal. It's the only thing that has been somewhat consistent this month.
I figured I could do a quick flip through of my bullet journal for you guys, so you can see my monthly set up for February and see how I plan on utilizing this tool for the month.
I start every month with a layout of my days. This allows me to plan ahead and write in any events coming up throughout the month. This helps to remind me of dance/choir performances my sister may be in, trips, days I might be babysitting, dogsitting, or house sitting. I also write in important deadlines for school, such as midterms and finals. So, looking forward at this month, I know I have a dentist appointment on the 25th, I'm seeing Hamilton on the 20th, and I have my Shakespeare Midterm due the 22nd. At the bottom there is a lot of leftover space; I use this to plan ahead for the next month. So, in March I am dogsitting Barkley, seeing The Lion King and my sister has two dance competitions. This really helps since there is no "calendar" that I use to look ahead. I've tried both and this layout just works better for me.
Click here for the Moleskin I prefer and have used for nearly four years. It is an affiliate link so I will receive some commission for it, so you don't have to, but wouldn't it be nice if you did!
On the next page, I try to track my spending and my income to the best of my abilities. I never remember every Dunkin or Starbuck's purchase, but I try to write them all in. I keep track of paychecks, tips, and any baby/dog/house sitting money I may acquire. It just helps remind me to be saving and helps me track how much I make compared to what I'm spending. I love to decorate the pages and make it my own, which makes this so much better than just a normal planner. I really enjoy watching AmandaRachLee on Youtube for her Plan With Me's, which inspired me to do a baby pink theme this month.

On the next page, we start the weekly layouts. I have been doing just one page a week, but I may start changing to a full spread a week, just to track my weight, my eating habits, and things like that. It would also be nice to be able to spread out the days a little bit more, sometimes I am a little bit busier than 5 lines will allow.
The only thing I have trouble with is that I really like to plan ahead and remind myself when things are due. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to go about using this, even after four years of trying, so it's always something to work on.
For each class, I have due dates written in using a circle, which is to be filled in when it is turned in. I also try to plan days to work on each assignment, which is then using a box, which is filled in if I work on it that day. Then every class has a different highlight color, so I don't have to take up space writing in what class each assignment is for. This has helped a lot, having specific colors for every class. It is a good way to keep things separate and figure out when to work on what.
If you enjoyed this little look into my bujo, let me know, and I can post little monthly flip-throughs. It would help keep me motivated to use it and keep it looking pretty too. Please leave a comment on this post!! Also, let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on this monthly favorites thing, and if I should continue to do them at the beginning of every month for the month before.


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