FINALLY! My first productive day in a while!
Our washing machine has been broken for the past two weeks and I am finally able to do some laundry! It feels so great to get things done.
I also cleaned my room today, and decluttered my lipstick hoard. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with make up. It was hard to get rid of nearly half my lip products, but I somehow managed to do it. Most of my products are years old, so that made it easy to part with a large chunk of what I own. 
Seeing a large amount of influencers on Youtube finally going through their collections made me realize, you can't keep everything. It's impossible to wear that much make up. 
Purging a large amount of foundations, concealers, and lipsticks is so calming to me for some reason. I got rid of foundations that quite honestly just aren't my shade, and concealers that I just don't like. I don't know why I was holding on to them, hoping one day I might enjoy them.
Also, it is good to note that most makeup expires six to twelve months after opening. Many people do not know this about make up, but looking at the label you can find a cartridge image with a number followed by the letter M. This signifies the expiration of the product from the day it is opened. Most people tend to think make up lasts forever, me being one of them, and I only recently found this information out so I figured I would share it with you. I have recently decided to try and purge as much as I can in my life. I do not use most of the make up I own, and keeping it around is not helping anyone. Throwing these products away does hurt my heart and soul, so I have started giving them away to friends and family in order to ease the hurt. 
Hopefully I can minimize the things I own enough by the time I finally find a job in England and make the move to London. I would like to be able to start as fresh as possible when I move, and hopefully I can inspire you to go through the excess of things you own and declutter as well. 
I do not believe in minimalism. As much as I think it is beautiful and inspiring to own nearly nothing, for me it just isn't feasible. 
Not only because I am interested in so many things, but because my style also constantly changes. I own clothes on all spectrums from oversized flannels and black ripped jeans, to more elegant and sophisticated clothing, to just plain tee shirts and flare jeans. I cannot decide on just one style of clothing to narrow down what I own in that sense. So don't feel pressured to live minimal and own three shirts and two pairs of jeans, it just isn't realistic for people who aren't full time Youtubers. 
The friend we made at Animal Kingdom
Life comfortably enough to where you are happy with the things you own and what you are keeping in your drawers. If you cannot see the bottom of your old tee drawer, maybe it is time to clean it out. And if anything, spend your money on experiences and places, not on clothing and make up. If I had the money I spent on make up back, I would have been able to spend five weeks in London rather than two. 


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