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My Top 5 Favorite Highlighters

Highlight is my most favorite thing in the whole wide world, and I have found some of the best highlighters for every situation and every mood. Some are pricier but some are also on the cheaper end of the spectrum. I also included a palette that will suit most skin tones. Please consider that I am incredibly fair skinned and these are highlights that best suit my skin tone. 

Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb in How Many Carats?! - $38This highlighter is the most beautiful thing to bless the beauty community. Rihanna is just absolutely killing the game with her brands, making things that look beautiful on everyone and are completely inclusive. Rihanna absolutely set the standards for beauty brands. Being as pale as I am, I have had the struggle of not being able to find a foundation that matches my skin tone, and my struggle does not even compare to that of WOC.

This highlight is so gorgeous! It is basically straight silver glitter and I believe she made one that is gold glitter as well. For my …

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