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GUEST POST: 5 Common Travel Phobias!

5 Common Travel Phobia
Most seasoned travelers will tell you that they still experience fear when leaving home. Fears are normal and can be a good thing. Fears help us make better choices and make us wary of our surroundings. However, some common travel phobias become a nuisance and stop them from traveling at all. 
When fears become phobias life can be altered and hindered. It is these fears that I want to discuss today. Ultimately I want to help you overcome these more than unwanted phobias so that you can explore your world and make milestone memories.  

Common Travel Phobias
There is a plethora of travel phobias and a way that fear can stall you travel dreams. So here I am going to cover the top 5 that are the most common. Many times phobias become intangled and overlap each other. You will find similarities in these 5 travel phobias. Phobias pretty much all present them selfs in the same manner. I invite and encourage you to share your experiences below. Travel fear is completely nor…

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