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David Arnold's Mosquitoland: A Raving Review

HELLO and WELCOME BACK to da blog. It's only been like four years, but I'm back to write a review about this freakin' awesome book I just read. I need to tell someone about it, so here's a short little review about David Arnold's Mosquitoland.My dude, if you're reading this, you are phenomenal. Very similar to that of Jxhn Green in writing style but ONLY A MILLION TIMES BETTER. 
I'm going to be perfectly honest here, David (and break all lit rules by addressing you by your first name instead of your last from here on out), I bought your book not expecting to ever read it. It was an impulse buy. I liked the colors on the cover. It was $5.97. I'm not saying I judged your book by it's cover, because I did, but I'm just saying I might have only bought it as a placeholder on my bookshelf because of the colors.
Tonight, something pulled me towards it. I knew I wanted to read something, but I wasn't sure what. As I went through my stack of novels I h…

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