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GUEST POST: Enneagrams and Their Importance

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren and I am the creative mind behind And Coffee Blog! I am so
excited to be guest blogging for Kennedy here at Daily Kennedy and can’t wait to share a little more
about myself and The Enneagram. 

As I mentioned my name is Lauren and I’m the creative mind behind And Coffee Blog. Currently my
website is being built behind the scenes but you can get connected with me on Instagram, Facebook,
and Pinterest all under the username @andcoffeeblog. I am a newly wed wife trying navigate newly
wed life! My husband, Miguel, and I live in his hometown near Palm Springs, California. We got
married in June 2019 in an elopement style ceremony in the middle of the desert gardens, and it was
utter perfection! We are super goofy people but take our coffee incredibly seriously. A week after we
got married, a good friend of mine mentioned this personality test called the Enneagram. (Cue rabbit
hole.) I spent the first three months of my marriage learning as much as I possibly…

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